Queen of the South Coast mystery

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At a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because of her beauty, she was called Dewi Srengenge which means the sun is beautiful. Srengenge goddess was the son of King Munding Wangi. Though the king had a beautiful daughter, she was always sad because actually he always hoped to have a boy. The king was then married to Dewi Mutiara, and get the son of the marriage. So, the king is happy.

Dewi Mutiara wanted her son later became king, and he was trying to make his wish come true. Dewi Mutiara then came to the king, and requested that the king sent his daughter away from the palace. Of course the king refused. “It’s ridiculous. I’m not going to let anyone who wants to be rude to my daughter,” said King Munding Wangi. Hearing the answer, Dewi Mutiara smiled sweetly and said to the king no longer angry with him. But even so, he still intends to fulfill his desire.

In the morning, before sunrise, Mutiara Dewi sent the maid to call a shaman. He wanted the shaman curse Kadita, her stepson. “I want a beautiful body full of mange and itchy. If you succeed, then I will give you a reward that you never imagined.” The shaman to obey the queen. In the evening, the body Kadita been filled with scabies and itching. When he awoke, he realized his body and filled with foul-smelling ulcers. It’s beautiful daughter was crying and did not know what to do.

When the King heard the news, he became very sad and invited many doctors to cure her daughter. She realized that her illness was not fair, someone must have been condemned or use gunainya. Problem becomes more complicated when the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to drive his daughter. “your daughter will bring bad luck for the whole country,” said Dewi Mutiara. Because King did not want his daughter to be rumors all over the country, he finally agreed with Ratu Mutiara forced to send his daughter out of the country.

The poor princess went alone, not knowing where to go. He almost could not cry anymore. He does have a noble heart. He does not hold a grudge with his stepmother, instead he always asked God to bear with him in suffering ..

Nearly seven days and seven nights he walked until we came to the Southern Ocean. He looked at the ocean. The water is clean and clear, unlike other oceans where the water is blue or green. He jumped into the water and swim. Suddenly, when the Southern Ocean water that touches the skin, miracles happen. Boil away and no signs that he had scurvy or itching. Instead, she became more beautiful than ever. Not only that, now he has the power to govern the whole Southern Ocean. Now she became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or Queen of the South Ocean Beach that live forever.

Queen of South = Kanjeng Ratna Suwinda
Babad Tanah Jawi (the histoty of java) in the (19th century), a prince of the kingdom Pajajaran, Joko Tell, met a hermit who ordered that he found the kingdom of Majapahit in East Java. Because of the hermit is a beautiful young woman, Joko Have fell in love with him. But the hermit who was an aunt of Joko Tell, named Ratna Suwida, rejected her love. When young, Ratna Suwida retreated to meditate on a hill. Then he went to the south coast of Java and a spiritual ruler there. He said to the prince, when the prince became hereditary rulers in the kingdom which is located near Mount Merapi, he would marry all authorities in turn.

The next generation, Panembahan Senopati, founder of the Mataram kingdom to-2, into exile in South Beach, to gather all his energy, in an effort to prepare the military campaign against the northern kingdom. Kanjeng attention meditation Queen of South and he promised to help. For three days and three nights he learned the secret of the war and government, and love intrigues in the palace under the water, until finally emerged from the sea Parangkusumo, now South Yogyakarta. Since then, Queen of South reported Senopati closely related to the descendants of the ruling, and the offerings presented to him at this place every year with representatives of Solo and Yogyakarta palace.

That’s two stories or legends about the Kanjeng Queen of South, or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast. The first version is taken from the book Folklore of Yogyakarta and the second version contained in the Babad Tanah Jawi. The second story is different, but you do not get confused. You do not need to bother to choose, which of the two most right. The stories above are just a pengatar for the next article.

Kanjeng the Sultan Palace and the Queen of South coast
You believe the story about Queen of South, or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast? Some of you may say NO. But try to ask them who live in an age of Yogyakarta Palace or the environment. They believe the truth of this story. Truth be Queen of South Kanjeng story is still being debated. But in spite of the polemic, there is a real phenomenon, that the myth of the Queen of the South does have relevance to the existence of Sultan Palace. The relationship between Queen of South  with the Sultan Palace is not listed in the Babad Tanah Jawi (the story of Queen of South  above, the second version). What kind of relationship that existed between the two?

Y. Argo Twikromo in his book Queen of South coast  stated that the community is a community tradition that emphasizes harmony, harmony and balance of life. Because life is not separated from the surrounding natural environment, the functioning and interpret the natural environment is very important.

As a reciprocal communication relationship with the environment according to the Java community has a more powerful force, according to Twikromo, then the use of the symbol was often actualized. While connected to the spirits, the spirits ruling Javanism know as the ruler of Mount Merapi, the ruler of Mount Lawu, nDelpin Heaven, and the South Seas. Ruler of the South Seas is what the Javanese call  Queen of South coast. Around the fourth ruler of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. And to achieve harmony, harmony and balance in society, then the king should hold communication with “spirits” is.

According Twikromo, the king of Java to communicate with the Queen of the South coast is one of the inner strength to manage the country. As the compaction force invisible (invisible to the eye), Queen of South Kanjeng blessing should be held in their daily activities to get the safety and tranquility.

Confidence in the Queen of South coast actualized well. In the harbor activity, for example, a traditional ceremony held at the palace by the sea in the south of Yogyakarta, which is held every anniversary of  Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono, according to calculations Saka year (in Java). This ceremony is intended for the public welfare and the sultan of Yogyakarta.

Confidence in the Queen of South Kanjeng also manifested through sexual intercourse and dance Bedaya Bedaya Semang held to honor and commemorate the Queen. Other evidence is the establishment of a complex building in Taman Sari (Water Castle at the Bottom), approximately 1 km west Ngayogyakarta palace, called the Well Gumuling. This place is believed to be the meeting place of the sultan with the Queen of the South Coast,  Queen of South coast.

Queen of South Kanjeng appreciation of myth is not only believed and implemented by the palace alone, but also by society at large in the sultanate. One proof is the belief that if people were missing in Parangtritis, then that person is gone because the “taken” by the Queen.

In addition Ngayogyakarta Palace, Queen of South Kanjeng myth is also believed by their brother, Kraton Surakarta Sultanate. Babad Tanah Jawi in it is mentioned that the Queen of South Kanjeng Panembahan Senopati had promised, the first ruler of the kingdom of Mataram, to maintain the kingdom of Mataram, the sultan, the royal family, and society from catastrophe. And because the two palaces (Yogyakarta and Surakarta) have a common ancestor (Mataram), then just as the Sultan Palace, Kraton Surakarta also carry out various forms of their appreciation to Kanjeng Queen of South. One of them is the most sacred dance performances in the palace, Bedoyo Ketawang, held annually at the anniversary of the coronation of the king. Nine dancers dressed in traditional Javanese wedding invites Queen of South to come and marry His Majesty, and said to the Queen and then magically appear in the form of the ten dancers who appear shiny.

Confidence in the Queen of the South was also extended to the West Java area. You’ve heard, that there is a special room (number 308) on the top floor of the Ocean Beach Hotel, Port of the Queen, who served for Queen of South. Anyone who wants to meet with the Queen, can go into this room, but must go through an intermediary that provides offerings for the Queen. Specialization of this room is one of the symbols ‘magic’ that is used by former president Sukarno.

Until now, in very modern times, the legendary Queen of South Kanjeng, or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast, is the legend of the most spectacular. Even when you read this story, many people from Indonesia or other countries recognize that they have met a beautiful elf queen dressed in traditional Javanese. One of the people who reportedly also had to witness firsthand the form of the Queen is the master painter of Indonesia, (deceased) Affandi. Then he poured his experiences in a painting.

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