How To Draw A Flower

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Art, Tips N Tricks
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Step One – Draw The Flower’s Basic Shape

Use finished flower as a model.

Use a 2H pencil for this step.

The line drawing should be light, so use a gentle pressure on the pencil.

Measure the height and width of the flower, mark those dimensions on the paper, and extend those marks into lines that form a loose rectangle.

Draw the largest and simplest shape of the flower within the rectangle. This flower’s shape is angled oval.

Draw A Flower - Contour Line

Step Two – Draw The Flower’s Contour Outline

Use the a 2H pencil for this step.

Draw a more detailed outline using the oval and rectangle as guides.

Start with one prominent petal shape and then use either of the following techniques to finish the outline:

  • Continue drawing the outer shape in one continuous line, one petal after the other.
  • Draw the prominent petals first, and then less important petals.

Notice some of the petal edges extend beyond the oval and touch the rectangle.

To help get the proportions right, compare the sizes of the petals to each other and to the oval as you draw.

Draw A Flower - Petals

Step Three – Draw The Interior Petals And Stem

Use a 2H pencil for this step.

The petals in the interior of this flower look a lot like a jigsaw puzzle, and your job is to put the puzzle together.

Each petal touches another petal, so they’ll build on each other as you work.

Work your way across the front and up through the interior of the flower, drawing one petal at a time.

When you’re done, add the stem. Notice how wide it is and at where it connects to the flower.

You don’t have to draw the flower perfectly. Drawing “miscues” are organic and part of the drawing process, so relax and enjoy this step.

Draw A Flower - Shading

Step Four – Shade One Petal At A Time

Use a 2B pencil for this step.

Using the “side of the pencil”, fill a each petal with hatching.

The darkest part of each petal is usually nearest where it connects to the flower. Start shading there and then work toward the tip with gradually lighter hatching. Each petal is slightly different though, so look at the finished drawing as you work.

Tip the pencil up on its point to hatch the small areas.

It’s always easier to add darken pencil than it is to lighten it, so consciously keep the shading too light at first. Then go back over the shadows and darken them.

Hint: Squint your eyes to help see shadows and highlights. Quickly move your eyes between the flower and the drawing to see if they “match”.

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