Indonesia time zone will be matched

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Break News
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BOGOR, – The government plans to unify the present time Indonesia is divided into three time zones, namely Western Indonesia Time (GMT), Central (local time), and Eastern (EDT). The plan, the government will use local time as a benchmark. This is done, inter alia, for the sake of bureaucratic efficiency and increase economic competitiveness.“(The unification of the time) to (increase) national productivity that we had only 190 million people watch the same (in the GMT zone) is now 240 million people,” said Muslim Edib, Head of Public Relations and Promotion KP3EI (Committee on Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia) , in the internalization MP3EI workshop to members of the press, in Bogor, on Saturday (03/10/2012).

Today, Indonesia is divided into three time zones. The difference between the one-hour time zone. Government is considered to be ineffective, for example, in trade between businesses in the zone and am CDT. KP3EI calculation, if the common trading hours in Jakarta begins at 09.00 am and ended at 17.00 pm, then the effective time of the trade between businesses in the CDT and am only 4 hours.

Therefore, the word Muslim Edib, done for the unification of the encourages the performance of the bureaucracy from Sabang to Merauke. This is the part in KP3EI framework is also intended to encourage the competitiveness of nations in terms of socio-political, economic, to the ecology.

KP3EI calculations, the space-time with him based on the GMT +8 (local time) the people residing in the central and eastern Indonesia could have more space to deal with the trade community in the western region of Indonesia.

Edib added, GMT +8 elected government on the grounds as the middle between the WIB and the CDT. However, on this, the government will still discuss it further. “GMT +8 Indonesia is delivered into a single time,” concluded Edib.



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