Johnny English Is Back, and More Bumbling than Ever!

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Entertaintment
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By on August 25, 2011 in Movie Trailers / no comments

The United Kingdom’s Number One secret agent—no, not James Bond—has returned to fight crime once again. Hopefully, he won’t destroy the country in the process. The bumbling Brit has found himself in a sequel to the original hit film Johnny English. Johnny hasn’t just been improved, he has been reborn! After doing his blundering best to train in the Far East, Johnny English has a new mission—travel back to MI7 for debriefing! Rowan Atkinson returns tothe role of English, bringing back the inept yet charming secret agent. Based on the follies of Johnny English in the trailer, Johnny English Reborn is certain to be a smash hit action comedy flick.

The character of Johnny English perfectly blends all the elements of my favorite secret agent films and TV shows, from the quirky style of Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the Pink Panther films to the unconventional gutsy gambits of James Bond and even the endearing charm of Chuck Bartowski in Chuck. I expect this new installment of Johnny English to leave me, at the very least, satisfied or, at the very most, nauseous from laughter. Like Johnny English, Johnny English Reborn will be an overall family-friendly flick, leaving out elements that would keep watchful parents from taking their younger children to the cinemas. I hope, and even believe, that Johnny English Reborn will be wildly successful. And why not? Johnny English is just a likeable guy, despite his occasional stupidity and obvious, but altogether unnecessary, cockiness. Based on the trailer alone, Johnny English Reborn is certain to be one bloody good movie.


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