Katy Perry ‘upset with outspoken father’

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Entertaintment
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Katy Perry reportedly didn’t know her father was still in touch with Russell Brand until he spoke out about their marriage breakdown.

The American singer and British comedian are in the process of getting divorced after Russell filed papers to end their 14-month union last year.

Earlier this month, Katy’s father Pastor Keith Hudson spoke about the split and revealed he has been texting Russell. Katy is said to have been hurt by the revelation.

‘Katy didn’t even know her dad was in touch with Russell, particularly because he was the one who first expressed doubts about the marriage,’ a source told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

‘It was a massive shock, but Katy refuses to be a victim. She loves her dad but he’s out of line, she feels terribly hurt and she’s told him so. As far as she’s concerned this is a straight up betrayal.’

Keith and Katy’s mother Mary are both religious, so it was thought they would have a difficult relationship with former sex and drug addict Russell. However, they are thought to have got along well.

Although Katy and Russell want to keep their break up civil, the singer apparently feels Keith should have kept his recent comments to himself.

‘You can divorce your husband but you can’t choose your parents,’ another insider said. ‘Her dad’s going to have to eat a lot of humble pie before she learns to trust him again.’

In the original interview, Keith appeared to blame the couple’s busy work schedules for their split.

‘There are no hard feelings towards Russell – I just received a text from him the other day in fact. He is a wonderful and smart guy,’ he said.

‘Her career got really busy and she did not get to see that much of Russell – it was just one of those things.’



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