The Ghost Rides Again!

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Break News, Entertaintment
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Ghost Rider sequel

Ghost Rider sequel trailer

Flaming skull, wicked motorcycle, and crushing chain—sound familiar? That’s right, Ghost Rider is back! Nicholas Cage has returned for a second film installment of the Marvel Comics franchise character. The world’s darkest hero cranks the action and intensity up a notch. Actually, from the trailer, make that several notches. Massive explosions, devilish combat, and reckless speeds accompany Ghost Rider as he blazes into theaters once again. I personally found the first Ghost Rider film to be an enjoyable flick that portrayed the Marvel character’s story well. Nicholas Cage was the perfect choice, and kudos to him for returning for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.


Ghost Rider has it all! The trailer promises a new brand of action, one featuring Ghost Rider in a whole host of incredible chases, showdowns, and hand-to-hand conflicts. I certainly don’t think that filmgoers will be disappointed with this superhero flick, whether they’re seasoned comic vets, Nicholas Cage fans, or haven’t even seen the first Ghost Rider film. In a world of tights, Ghost Rider brings something to the silver screen that few other super-heroes do—wicked fun! Next February, get ready for a cinematic experience like none other. Based on the trailer, I’m convinced that Spirit of Vengeance will far surpass the epic special effects of the first Ghost Rider film. I am proud to see another middle-of-the-road Marvel character have his own film series. Such characters can sometimes become lost, but that was not the case with Ghost Rider. The ghost rides again in February of 2012!



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